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Upgrades, PC Sales & Custom Builds


PC Sales
We supply branded refurbished PC's which are internet ready and preloaded with an Office package and Anti-Virus starting from as little as £90.


Memory Upgrades
PC Memory UpgradesMaybe your PC or laptop is running slow or you just want it to run faster, memory upgrades are the cheapest way of increasing your computers performance. We can supply, fit and configure your memory for you. Phone us for a free quote, you may be surprised at just how little it could cost as memory modules start from around £15.


Drive Upgrades
These days people are running out of space fast on their computers due to everything now being saved in a digital format (photos, videos etc).


The best and cheapest way to increase the space in your PC is to put in a secondary drive, this can be a drive of any size although your PC may have a limit on what it can take.  Please phone us for a free quote.


In a laptop it can be a little more difficult, some have the option for a second drive which is easily and cheaply done, if not it means replacing the main drive and rebuilding the operating system, however a drive and memory upgrade is still a lot cheaper than buying a new laptop. Please phone us for a free quote.


Processor (CPU) Upgrades
PC processors can quite easily be upgraded, though the latest processors can be costly, most of the time it is best not to go for the latest but the ones that have been out a while giving you a good upgrade at a limited cost.


Video Card Upgrades
PC Video Card UpgradesA good video card can greatly enhance your enjoyment on your PC, enabling you to watch video or play games in better quality and smoother streaming.
We can recommend you on what video card to go for given a certain budget, these days you can get a good HD quality card for as little as £30.
Please phone us for a free quote.


Custom Builds
We can build any configuration of PC from basic home use system to an advanced gaming system.
We can build a PC to meet your budget or to your specification.




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